The objectives of Icaro are essentially three:

  • revitalize the building sector by means of a profound generational turnover, steering the young and unemployed towards qualified professions;
  • reverse the trend that sees few women employed in construction;
  • increase employment possibilities by incorporating work-based learning in the training process of companies.

With Icaro we wish to improve the planning of training activities that lead to the VET qualification at a European level involving students, enterprises and the system of professions. Work transition and apprenticeships must become the paradigm of training so as to introduce elements of flexibility within the curricula. In this scenario the experience of WBL plays a strategic role.

Work and training policies will be in constant correlation through the establishment of a permanent forum.

In short, Icaro will develop a combined qualification of “Worksite Technician”, which refers to a multi-functional technical profile able to supervise activities on the building site, coordinate the building and/or renovation process, follow the planning, management and supervision of works, optimizing the human resources involved.

The impact of the project will be particularly relevant in the 3 countries taking part in the project: Lithuania, Spain and Italy.

  • Duration
    24 months, from 15th December 2018 to 14th December 2020.

  • Budget
    € 463.184,00

  • Project’s coordinator
    Formedil (Italy)

  • Partners
    FLC Madrid, FLC Asturias (Spain), VSRC Vilnius, Panevezys CCIC (Lithuania), Conseil des Architectes d’Europe (Belgium), Alma Mather Studiorum UNIBO, IIPLE Bologna (Italy)