Project results will be published in this area

WP2. Framing the innovation: GAP analysis of the existing qualification and identification of the needs in the building sector

The objective of the WP2 is to describe a detailed national and European scenario in terms of education, training and current trends in the construction market, useful to contextualize the new profile of the construction technician. The implementation of the reports involved all partners

They can be consulted:

  1. Report on the vocational training system in the construction sector – leader Flc Madrid (download)
  2. Report on the results of the survey carried out on construction companies (230) – leader I.P.L.E. – Vocational Training Institute for Construction Workers in Bologna (download)
  3. Report on the most important European regulations on technological innovation for the sector – leader by Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna (UNIBO) (download)

WP3. Implementation and update of the common qualification “construction site technician”

They can be consulted:

  1. Guidelines for improving/implementing the innovative aspects related to the common qualification “Construction Site Technician” – VSRC (download)
  2. Identification of a training scheme for the qualification”Costruction Site Technician (download)
  3. Analysis of the survey results distributed to the stakeholders of the Construction Sector in order to validate the Construction Site Technician qualification that is being developed within the ICARO framework. – Leader FLC Madrid (download)

WP4. The quality assurance and evaluation

  1. Guidelines for eqavet quality assurance in icaro (download)

WP5. Dissemination and exploitation

They can be consulted:

  1. Results of the survey “How to make the construction sector more inclusive?” (download Eng It Lt Es )
  2. Newsletter n.1 (download Eng It Lt Es)
  3. Newsletter n.2 (download Eng It Lt Es)
  4. Newsletter n.3 (download Eng It Lt Es)
  5. Newsletter n.4 (download Eng It Lt Es)
  6. Newsletter n.5 (download Eng It Lt Es)
  7. Brochure (download Eng It Lt Es )
  8. Rollup (download Eng It Lt Es )
  9. Animation video (watch)
  10. Promotional Video (watch)