The project starts from an in-depth analysis including:

  • a building sector with a shortage of skilled labour;
  • the need for competences and skills not met by the public education and training system;
  • 40% of companies in Europe currently have serious problems finding manpower, young people with the necessary competences.

At the same time, innovative processing sectors are emerging that require new competences such as:

  • energy efficiency, digital competences, addressing new types of possible accidents deriving from new processes;
  • greater need for transversal/behavioural competences.

The general objective of the project is to meet these necessities by outlining a new qualification measure for the worksite technician while raising the level of employability in the sector thus rendering the sector more competitive and innovative.

The final products that will be created in the project will be:

  • a guide on national and European regulations and their relative impact in terms of necessary competences;
  • a study about the lack of competences by means of a company survey;
  • a guidance document to improve and update current qualifications in the countries involved with regard to the profile of the worksite technician;
  • proposal of a new training and qualification course.


The project consists of 4 WP

wp1 – Project management and coordination – leader Formedil where the following work tools will be produced:

  • business plan;
  • communication plan;
  • establishment and management of the restricted advisory group.

wp2 – analysis of the lack of existing skills and competences and identification of new needs, leader FLC Madrid – the following work tools will be produced:

  • detection grid;
  • online questionnaire;
  • selection of the main legislative principles that impact innovation.

wp3 – update and implementation of existing qualifications of worksite-head technician – Vilnius training centre – proposal of an updating methodology and the creation of a new qualification path.

The following work tools will be produced:

  • collection of good practices from partners;
  • collection of good practices from other projects;
  • swot analysis.

wp4 – Quality assurance – leader Flc Oviedo – transversal action throughout project – proposal of using Equavet to assess and monitor the project.

The following work tools will be produced:

  • quality plan according to Equavet indications;
  • list of descriptors.

All partners are involved in the different phases of the project, making use of their relative competences and guaranteeing the final result of the project.