On October 24, 2019 from 9 to 12 at the headquarters of the ANCE, was held the international event of dissemination of the project Icaro – Innovative Qualification for Technological and Organizational Innovation in Building Sector. The event was organized by FORMEDIL, the project leader.
The project aims to train a new generation of construction site technicians able to respond to the challenges imposed by new technologies and the new regulatory framework in the construction sector. The partners involved in the project come from Italy, Spain, Lithuania and Belgium.
The project’s objectives are essentially three:

  • To revitalise the construction sector through a profound generational change, orienting young and unemployed people towards qualified professions;
  • To reverse the trend that few women are employed in construction;
  • Increase employment opportunities by including work-based learning experiences within companies in the training process.

You can see the videos of the interventions on the youtube channel of Formedil