Cesar F.G. comes from a family of painters and bets on developing his professional career in the construction sector to participate in the family business.

After completing the mandatory studies and other attempts to continue with higher studies, Cesar has decided to bet on doing a course of Plaster and mortar coverings in construction at the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción del Principado de Asturias.

I‘m a handy man and the course will increase my work expectations, something that is good for me, at my age (21 years old)” says Cesar.

There are no women in Cesar’s course. For him, the professional development that a man and a woman may have in the construction sector should be the same because everyone goes through a common vocational training. However, he thinks that in a job situation the entrepreneur tends to choose the one who most guarantees a good physical condition, and he/she usually chooses a man.

Yes, I do see women doing physical work, but often they do not want to do this kind of jobs. Besides, there are so few women out there (in the on-site occupations) that we hardly see them. In addition, women find it hard to imagine themselves in these sort of occupations, and tend to choose others related to gardening or cleaning, for example, because they consider that they are more likely to be hired” opine Cesar.

Cesar has not experienced any discrimination at work. Sometimes veterans tend to mess with younger ones, but in general it’s not a problem.

Young people often suffer some kind of “teasing” at work, but if you laugh them back, it doesn’t bother you” he adds.

Cesar thinks that workplaces don’t have to be adapted to be more inclusive.

I would encourage all women to look for a work in construction. I would also ask entrepreneurs to give women more opportunities to prove that they are good at their profession” Cesar concludes. (M.H.)