Mehni Imad is 20-year-old men, originally from Morocco and born in Italy, who always had the interest and clear ideas about his future in the construction field. He studied for five years in hight school in a construction course and he had the opportunities to work in architecture and engineering offices for an internship. In 2018 he had the opportunities to work in architecture firm in Jerez De La Frontera, Spain for a high school Erasmus+, in which he understood better about the working process in the construction field. After that he started a university career in building engineering in the University of Bologna.

What is your academic and/or professional background? How old are you? And how many years of work experience/study do you have?In high school I studied surveyor for 5 years, I am 20 almost 21 years old and I had few experiences in the work field.

Why did you choose to study subjects related to the construction sector?
Well, I always knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.
I have always been nursed by construction and also, I considered it as a milestone design so I started on a path that would allow me to reach my goal.

How many women are currently attending your course?
In this moment the women that are attending the course are 13 out of about 29.

In your opinion is the career path in construction different for men and women? if yes why?
No, I don’t think that the career path Is different for woman, but I think that the career for women is harder, for a gender prejudices and discrimination.

Are there job profiles more suitable for men and/or women?
In my opinion, when we talk about design and management of construction process there is no gender job profile better than the other. Of course, everybody has different characteristics and for them we should choose.

Do you think that media (or society in general) have a sort of influence in choosing a career path?
Absolutely yes, I think that society, more than media, have a great influence in choosing a career path.

Have you experienced discrimination episodes based on your gender, age, or other reasons?
Yes, I have, for nationality and skin color but in life in general not in construction field. Unfortunately, this is how the society thinks and behaves.

What advice would you give to construction companies to make a more inclusive workplace? And to women looking for a job in this field?
My advice would be to remove the society influence by giving more opportunities to women and young generations, trying to select the people for their characteristics, ideas and not based on gender and age and so on.
To woman I would say to follow what they want to do even if it’s hard and to work hard as any other else.