ICARO is an Erasmus+ project with the objective of developing a new qualification of ‘Construction Site Technician’, a multi-disciplinary profile able to face the new challenges of the construction industry.

The qualification scheme has been developed in the last two years by 8 partners: 3 national vocational training centres operating in the sector (@FORMEDIL, @FLC, @VSRC), a regional centre (@FLC ASTURIAS), a provincial centre (@IIPLE), a European professional association (@ACE), a Chamber of Commerce (@PANEVEZYS CHAMBER) and a university (@ALMA MATER – UNIBO).

The project is now coming to an end with extensive results on the combined qualification scheme of “Construction Site Technician”. If you would like to know more about the project results, join our Closing Event on Friday 12 March at 10:00-13:00 CET.

The event will be hosted on the platform Zoom, and it will be provided a real-time translation from English to the project languages: Lithuanian, Spanish and Italian 

Register today at this link: http://bit.ly/ICARO_12March

The ICARO team is looking forward to virtually meeting you there!

Download the event programme