Angela Rosa is a 25-year-old Italian woman who has recently obtained a one-cycle Degree in Architectural Engineering at the University of Bologna, completing her university studies with a master thesis in urban planning focusing on cultural heritage risk management. During her university studies, she carried out a curricular internship at the architectural firm named WEGStudio located in the city of Bologna. Currently, she got a research fellowship in the field of urban and spatial planning that will start soon.

What is your academic and/or professional background? How old are you? And how many years of work experience/study do you have?
Last year I obtained a Degree in Architectural Engineering at the University of Bologna. I am 25 years old, with 6 years of academic experience and 1 year of work experience (curricular internship).

Why did you choose to study subjects related to the construction sector?
I have chosen the construction sector because during the High School I developed a passion for this field. Furthermore, I found the Architectural Engineering university course a valid one to have an overview of both architectural and engineering subjects.

How many women are currently attending your course?
When I was attending the Architectural Engineering course at the University of Bologna more than 50% of my colleagues were women.

In your opinion is the career path in construction different for men and women? if yes why?
Someone’s career path should not depend on gender although it does. I think the reason can be found in people’s education.

Are there job profiles more suitable for men and/or women?
Not in my opinion. Each person should feel free to pursue their professional dreams and follow their own aptitudes without gender being an obstacle.

Do you think that media (or society in general) have a sort of influence in choosing a career path?
I think so. In a society increasingly based on social networks and on appearances, people are easily influenced by others.

Have you experienced discrimination episodes based on your gender, age, or other reasons?
No, it never happened to me.

What advice would you give to construction companies to make a more inclusive workplace? And to women looking for a job in this field?
To make workplace more inclusive I think we should start from people’s education, especially that of the youngest, in order to completely change the point of view on women’s competencies in this field. To construction companies I suggest hiring a person without considering any element of discrimination, including that of gender. To a woman I would say that she should strongly believe in what she has learned during her academic and professional career and not be intimidated by the judgements of others, especially if these judgments relate to her being a woman and not a professional in the field of construction.